Why Us

  • Efficient

    One of the main reasons we can offer amazing discounts on our commission is the fact that we have developed technology that makes us incredibly efficiently. All our offers are automatically organized and delivered to the seller automatically. With just a few clicks we can write 10 or 15 counter offers, giving the seller the best odds of receiving the highest possible price for their home. No other company is currently doing this, we are the pioneers. That helps explain why we can offer listings such as our $2500 listing special. Offering sellers better than full-commission service at price comparable with a for-sale-by-owner mls listing.

  • Value Conscious

    Value and efficiency come hand-in-hand. The seller is encouraged to question us, and questions everything. That includes questioning agents who will try to convince you to pay 5% commission "because they are worth it". Often, much of this commission goes to their broker, their franchise, their processors, and many outdated and inefficient processes. Once upon a time phone companies charged us per minute for long distance calls. Those days are gone thankfully, and we believe efficiency will bring an end to the myth that 5% commission money is well spent. In fact, if you insist on paying 5% commission we would suggest that you should pay the buyers agent 4.5% and only .5% commission to the listing agent, because with such commission you will turn the buyers agent into an advocate for you! That is money well spent, unlike money spent on the listing agents broker and franchise fees.

  • Competent

    Having bought, sold, fixed, rehabbed, rented, and listed real estate for a couple decades, we feel very comfortable helping you navigate through the any real residential real estate transaction.

  • Fiduciary Commitment

    We take our fiduciary obligation very seriously. Transparency and doing good for our clients is our unbendable commitment and our cause. We have even developed a system that delivers offers to the seller immediately and transparently as soon as a buyer's agent uploads it. This brings an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency which translates to a happier and more profitable sale for you, our client. We know of no other company that goes to this extent to offer absolute transparency. Our commitment to your satisfaction is also reflected in our listing agreement which will gives you the option to fire us at any time for any reason, so long as no offer is on the table. We insist on being part of win-win transaction and only win-win transactions.

  • Transparent

    We use BOLDmls.com An idea conceived, developed, and created by us to bring the very best, most profitable, and most transparent transaction to you. See Boldmls basic idea

  • Charity Support

    We are very fortunate to have more than our fair share of food and shelter for ourselves and our family. We think donating to charities is a good way to make a small positive contribution to our communities. We are sure you will net much more money in your pocket when you use us. Our transactional efficiency, our negotiating efficiency and our transparency will translate into more money for you a the end. How is all this related? We would be honored to match any charity donation you chose from our commission funds, of any amount up to 50% of our commission. We think this is a win-win-win situation for all of us. To participate, we simply let escrow know of your preference.

areas we service

What we do and don't do.

We can list your home anywhere in California, however we are most experienced with counties of San Diego, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, and Monterey County.

About Us

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We are a small family-owned operation. We have been investing, selling and buying real estate for a couple decades. We have been buying mostly in California, Arizona and Kansas, that being said we keep an open mind about where we buy. We believe an honest living can be made dealing exclusively in win-win transparent transactions. Thank you for considering working with us.


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